In 2013, beauty queens compete for the Miss Universe title, flash contest was then Donald Trump’s condo, filled their shine and belts and flew to Moscow.

Little by little, as the contest took place, it was mostly drama-free. Apart from a momentary misfortune of the crown, the case was released without Steve Harvey, as the social media scandal.
However, almost four years later, the contest has become an unexpected focal point in obscure circumstances surrounding the potential links of the Trump campaign with Russian officials.

As a summer I was linked to the Trump campaign beauty pageant?

Five months before the 2016 election, three of President Trump’s top advisers – his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. His campaign chief, Paul J. Manafort; And Jared Kushner, his stepson, agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer Kremlin has promised to provide him with damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

The meeting was first reported over the weekend by The New York Times on Sunday, young Mr. Trump said he agreed to the application for knowledge associated with the Miss Universe 2013 contest.

This knowledge was Rob Goldstone, the president of a marketing firm that worked with the Miss Universe organization.
M. Goldstone told The Washington Post that he helped arrange the meeting with lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya on behalf of a client.

This client was Emin Agalarov.

Who is Emin Agalarov?

Mr. Agalarov, 37, is a pop singer from Azerbaijan. He is also the descendant of a real estate development company based in Moscow.

With his father Aras Agalarov Mr. Crocus Group paid nearly $ 20 million to allow the name of Miss Universe and bring the 2013 competition to Moscow Mayor Crocus. Aras Agalarov is a Russian citizen.
In an excerpt from a 2013 joint interview posted on the panel’s Saffron web page, Agalarov said that Mr. Trump quickly accepted that this year’s competition is being organized in Russia.

“It seems like everyone loves us, we shake hands and we sign our contract in a week,” said Emin Agalarov. Licensing in the Miss Universe contest had about a third of its budget, he said.

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