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Mumbai: Drug peddler confesses to killing actress over dues of Rs 6,000

Mumbai: Drug peddler confesses to killing actress over dues of Rs 6,000

MUMBAI: Model and actor Kritika Chaudhary (27) died for not paying Rs 6000 for drugs (probably methamphetamine or Meow- meow) bought last year in July, from one of two detainees accused on Monday.

Police arrested Amboli the duo – Shakeel Khan (33) and his accomplice Basu Das (40) – after being identified on Friday by a witness. Police plan to add flight sections in the FIR after the duo confessed to the gold theft of the Kritika body.

The crime was highlighted when residents alerted police after a stench emanated from the fifth floor of Kritika in the society Shree Bhairavnath SRA, Andheri (West), June 12 The autopsy report showed a head of wounds in The left side of the ear.

Deputy inspector Shrikant Jadhav and the team entered the apartment using a duplicate key and found his body in the bed, covered with a blanket. Police also recovered a blood-stained milk node by attacking the head.

The researchers began collecting information about drug dealers after a packet of white powder was found near the body. The amount of CCTV recovered in a temple in front of the building revealed that Khan and Das leave the building in the early hours of June 8, but the image was too grainy.

However, a witness who knew Khan was identified from the film. Khan and Das were detained in their hideout in Panvel and Govandi, respectively, and admitted to having committed the infraction.
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Khan stated that he did not intend to kill Kritika, but the question is of the hands when he and Das went to his house to claim their fees for the medicines supplied to her in July.
After identifying two men who were on CCTV, Deputy Police Commissioner (Zone IX) Paramjit Singh Dahiya has formed a team of Deputy Commissioner of Police Arun Chavan, Chief Inspector Bharat Gaikwad Amboli, Inspectors Uday Rajeshirke, Nandkishore Gophale, Assistant inspectors Gajanan Jogdande Daya Nayak and staff – who saw Khan.

His doubts were confirmed when he left his home in Nallasopara and hid in Malwani Panvel and later learned that the police were on the way. The duo takes place before Andheri’s court on Monday and sent to seven days in custody.

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