Narendra Modi in US: Here’s why India urgently needs a Donald Trump policy

Narendra Modi in US: Here’s why India urgently needs a Donald Trump policy

Three days before the Air Force One will fly to Washington DC and politicians, groups of experts, policy makers and the media are already engaged in feverish speculation about the outcome of the first meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the president From the USA Donald Trump.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump.
Image by Narendra Modi and Donald Trump.

Is this a joke at first sight? In When Harry Met Sally When Maybe? Or maybe an uncomfortable first date? The two leaders who content themselves with a handshake or a hug? Part of the intrigue is the fact that unpredictable Trump has little patience with protocols and procedures, and an important part of the fascination lies in the current trend of the relationship between India and the United States.
The consensus of the comment is that it is time for the world’s largest democracy to show some strategic patience with a United States that is addressing a nativist at the bar, who cares to interrogate all known strategic assumptions and undermine each The basis of US foreign policy.

The first trip to Modi a United Trumpifié is seen as an opportunity for the Indian prime minister, to show the qualities of an elderly statesman – that Trump is older than Modi – cut the extravagance, adhere to the perseverance straight and Tightly and gently with insecure teenager trapped in the body of a septuagenarian demagogue who needs a stable relationship with India to make United States one more time. difficult task. But Modi was not chosen to do anything less.

As India’s child Brookings, Dhruv Jaishankar, “New Delhi must try to convince Washington that the increase in United States interest in India.” This idea provides the underlying logic of the commitment of the governments of Clinton Bush and Obama with India, but it will be more difficult to sustain, given the new political reality and the drive of the United States. ”

The challenges are many. Trump is beset by problems at home, pursued by a means of confrontation and defeated by the judiciary.

The victory of Republican candidate Karen Handel, a reasonable victory Tuesday in the special election in Georgia, should provide some relief, but the investigation and testimony of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and the possible collusion of the Trump team grow and can Damage his presidency. Its approval ratings continue to go south.

Currently, the bilateral relationship between India and the United States is not among the top priorities of a short-sighted president who sought to see the connection between his immediate and strategic concerns.

Less than six months in the Oval Office, Trump showed rank incompetence to grasp even the basic principles of foreign policy, showed a poor understanding of realpolitik and was vulnerable to the machiavellian machinations of powers.

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