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Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech: From making peace to rejecting prejudice, five things PM must say

Do not let the border war between India and China to become. Despite China’s propensity to break deals and invade our land must be stopped – and given the axiom of wars Niccolò Machiavelli avoided today will have to fight tomorrow and at a great disadvantage – any attempt to avoid the war is going away To make.

Without endangering our interests and repeating past mistakes that are too pacifist, we must try to calm the situation.

As China seeks to become a world leader, India also has global aspirations. Even prolonged confrontation or stagnation is more desirable than war.

Does it generate the jobs we need in India? Or are we trying to whip a dead horse? Do we also need skills in India, research in India, healing in India and educated in India to create jobs?

Innovative reforms that enhance the business environment are also welcome. However, some cultural customs that hinder the industries employing thousands of workers should not be encouraged. Without government support, such movements wither and die.

We also have to mobilize alternative to create jobs. Let the business be governed by the core business. Do not let excessive control or tradition feel you have a dynamic industry.

As a society, we do not value scientific temperament. We also encourage scientific activities. And this is reflected in the results of the fall.

As for our glorious past to help regenerate our lost national pride, we must remember that civilizations exploring these pathways – in excess – are fossilized and unable to move with the times.

The company is zombiee. The young man engages in anachronistic harmful activities in the new world order.

Today the common man often says: “The minority became harsh and aggressive. The BJP has grounds to put in its place.

Even supposing that this feeling is true – which is not true – citizens would do well to remember Nietzsche’s old saying: one who fights with monsters might be careful not to become a monster.

The response to communalism is not a counter-commune. This is the reform that makes them impotent sectarian calls. The answer to the castes is not an anti-caste. This is the reform that makes caste irrelevant.

While I am proud of my heritage, I am also proud of this. Too much attention in the latter suggests a flaw in the here and now. India today is far from a situation of this kind.

The company must be derived and a scientific temperament must be instilled in citizenship. We were the greatest scientists at one time. We can go back. We have to rise to new heights.

The political expansion of the BJP comes mainly from his determined leadership. In addition, he is not afraid to break the rules, calm by the fact that he follows the precedent set by his predecessor: Congress.

It’s time for a break with the past. In Modi, we have a political leader with so much courage and size to do so.

Cases against parliamentarians with criminal ties should be speeded up. They must be erased from the political map. The establishment of Lokpal should be accelerated.

Politicians must refrain from undue influence in institutions such as the IWC and ED for simple political benefits.

The effectiveness of increases in bureaucracy. Corruption at the top level is practically non-existent. Energy symbols such as traffic lights were removed.

However, when old ways of expressing arrogance were excluded, new methods often prove arrogant.

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