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Nitish Kumar’s Calculations For Backing BJP On President

Nitish Kumar’s Calculations For Backing BJP On President

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar called in April Sonia Gandhi, the patron saint of Congress to propose a correlation between opposition parties in the election of the President of India.

M. Kumar launched the idea of ​​a united opposition candidate as a candidate to test a Mahagathbandhan or Great Alliance for the general election in 2019. M. Kumar calls Ms. Gandhi again, two days ago – this time to say Which was to be actually with the BJP and not the opposition – in his election for president.

The Great Alliance has declined rapidly since Monday, when the BJP elected Ram Nath Kovind, governor of Bihar and a Dalit, as his election for president. Several leaders – such as Mayawati – said they could not oppose a Dalit for the highest office in the country.

Kumar said his party out of caste significant factor would not be considered as blocking a candidate who was governor of the state and, according to public statements Prime Minister, played all the rules of a mandate that neutrality is not usually Attributed to the governors appointed by the BJP.

When asked questions about how the BJP has gained the support of its candidate M. Kumar, Bhupendra Yadav, senior leader of the Bihar BJP, was insightful, and only said “This is a victory for democracy.”

Tomorrow, Mrs. Gandhi, will chair a meeting of representatives of the parties who agreed in principle to take the BJP. M. Kumar is only part of the agreement of the agreement. Sources say Sharad Pawar’s NCP, inclined to help the BJP, will visit the center. Ms. Mayawati said she supports a dalit for president.

The Samajwadi party said they would call the others, but their former boss Mulayam Singh Yadav said he is in favor of Mr. Kovind.

Therefore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his best support and leader of the BJP, Amit Shah scored two important points with the appointment of Mr. Kovind: fractured opposition immediately and consolidate their participation in the Dalits and the lower castes.

Prime Minister of Bihar must announce his vote Mr Kovind tonight. Sources say that the decision is based not only on caste calculations, but their assessment of very high ratings for the approval of the PM in the next general election.

The overwhelming support for the sudden PM demonetization movement is reflected in the score scale when the BJP got the political price of Uttar Pradesh in March. Previous months while other opposition leaders have opposite entries Ban M. Kumar correctly assessed that the poor and openly supported spoke in favor of reform.
This support was sent in the afternoon in Modi, during a trip to Patna, publicly praised the ban on the alcohol Mr. Kumar highly criticized in Bihar and said that its purpose and its application should be admired.

M. Kumar co-governs Bihar with Gandhi’s party and Congress Lalu Yadav, whose children, including two ministers were named in cases of corruption in recent weeks. The costs of Yadav who freely acquired a large portfolio of properties through partnerships by lawyer M. Kumar make them vulnerable – Tejashwi Yadav, part of the members of the Yadav family, is the minister of Bihar.

The association between M. Kumar and Lalu has always been heavy; As Lalu moves to defend his children, the Chief Minister is likely to measure the ability of the truncated links. In this case, a new friendship with the BJP could give Kumar more influence on Lalu, his often unbearable ally.

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