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The rookie rises: Aaron Judge meets the hype with Home Run Derby power show

The rookie rises: Aaron Judge meets the hype with Home Run Derby power show

Aaron Judge arrived in Miami for the All-Star festivities surrounded by dire expectations derived from his colossal first half with the New York Yankees. Giancarlo Stanton presents as issues related to the judges here, who ran out of things to say.

A baseball card signed by the judge just sold on eBay for more than $ 14,000. All the prognosticators have waited for the judge to make a good performance at the Home Run Festival, even though his only previous experience in case came to Fresno State when he captured the Derby University series in 2012 in Omaha.

When it came time for Derged debut in the first league judge, things have proven to be serious. The Justin Bour Miami a local favorite, won 22 games in the first round, and the judge is faced with the proposal to publish a great fat or no fat or a number to call a night.

The judge keeps alive with 23 bombs in the first round of overshadowing Bour, eliminated rookie Los Angeles Dodgers star Cody Bellinger in the second round and headed through third baseman Miguel Sano Twins of Minnesota in the final of the title.

The victory earned him a fallen Gatorade American League comrades and emotional excitement with his friend and his friend, Yankees pitcher Danilo Valiente.


What could have been lost while Aaron Judge destroyed baseballs
There were donuts, games, more accurate words and, of course, many moonshots in the Home Run Derby.

Justin Bour will make the cut after his break
The test is in the numbers: less than 90 seconds on the clock, the Marlins slugger reached 10 homes in the country to finish with 22 highest total room in a Home Run Derby round. Who said it was not Donna Giancarlo Stanton?

Cover All-Star 2017
Discover ESPN coverage of the 88th Summer Classic at Marlins Park in Miami.
It would be tempting to call it incredible performance, but it is consistent with what the judge has done this season.

“I beat him in the second group of BP,” said Gary Sanchez, coach of the Yankees, “then he did not do anything out there tonight, which surprised me.Maybe d others who have not seen take BP were a little Surprised, but this is what I see all the time. ”

The judge continues to add lines to an innovative vitae curriculum. He joined Mark McGwire of the Oakland Athletics in 1992 and Ken Griffey Jr. 1994 Seattle Mariners as the third player to lead the majors in home runs in the All-Star Game and win a Derby.

With his victory Monday the judge joined Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi and Robinson Cano to give the Yankees a four-time MLB-high derby champion.

It was a great night for Sanchez’s Yankees, Judge’s wingman, Stanton had the first round in a 17-16 hand-to-hand suspense that removed what appeared to be the judge’s biggest roadblock.

Overall figures were revealing. The judge’s 47 home homes have been underneath tab 61 Stanton last year in San Diego. But he took the longest ball of the competition to a whopping 513 feet, and StatCast measures the total distance of his homers by 6.3 miles.

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