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Trump rides high into Iowa stop after Congressional wins

Trump rides high into Iowa stop after Congressional wins

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Trump’s president celebrated the political victory and promised more to come, when he returned to Iowa on Wednesday for a turbulent tour of the state’s second largest city.

The president’s first visit to the state since he took office presented an official event in which he praised Iowa Agriculture and is committed to driving high-speed rural Internet, followed by an exuberant rally in prime time, reflecting his actions Of campaign of 2016 in spectacularity and the rhetoric.

During a visit to Kirkwood Community College, Trump was held between John Deere and Case IH agricultural machinery promising their management commitment to boost agricultural exports, liberate federal regulations and support ethanol and biofuels.

Funds to expand broadband Internet access, which it promised, would be included in an infrastructure package near $ 1 trillion.

“I’m not a farmer, but I’d be happy to be one.” Trump told the crowd, “It’s a beautiful world to me, and it’s a noble American occupation.”
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Trump brought the rural theme into a grand campaigning event in front of nearly 6,000 followers died Wednesday night.

Organized by victories republics Tuesday night when two special congressional elections and noisy crowd and chantaire, the president spoke for more than an hour, the announcement of the first achievements of his administration and the prediction of the imminent death of the Health care law known as Obamacare.

The direction was not without a political stratagem. In a support riff for any energy production, Trump stressed and denigrated the wind – a major energy generator, growth and source of the revenue industry in Iowa.

“I do not want to wait for the wind to blow out their homes and factories,” Trump said in the crowd after checking a list of energy sources he supports, “as birds fall on the ground.”

Wind energy accounts for 37% of the energy generated in Iowa, and has long been a hot spot for both parties.

Wednesday’s trip was the first visit to Trump State since its post-election, prior to the “thank you” opening in Des Moines last December. This time he was joined by Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Terry Branstad, the former governor of Iowa, who leaves little to Beijing as Ambassador Tump in China.

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Branstad, who was in Washington, DC, over the past few weeks, is preparing for his new role, traveled to Iowa on Air Force One with Trump.
The couple left the plane together, sharing an umbrella as they descended the stairs in a storm. They were greeted on the runway by Branstad’s successor, Governor Kim Reynolds, and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg.

“We are pleased and very proud of Terry,” Trump said in Kirkwood. “Your legacy will last a long time in this state … Mr. Ambassador, thank you very much and have a good time in China.

At the rally, Trump also referred to the bill in favor of affordable health care bill, which accused Democrats of refusing to participate in negotiations on legislation.

“If we were going and we were putting the biggest health plan in the history of the world, we would not get a Democrat vote because they are obstructive,” Trump said.

So far, the Senate, even Republican congressmen have not seen the bill drafted, while majority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Says a vote could take place as early as next week.

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