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US to experience rare total solar eclipse

US to experience rare total solar eclipse

WASHINGTON: For the first time in nearly a century, the United States is gearing up for a side-by-side solar eclipse, a rare celestial event that millions of Americans, cautiously, be able to observe.

During the eclipse of August 21, the first of its kind since 1918, the Moon will pass between the sun and the earth, casting a dark shadow and making visible the atmosphere usually darkened the sun, or solar corona, and bright stars and planets.

Observers can see the moon’s shadow 70 miles from Oregon in western South Carolina to the east for more than two hours of the day, with two minutes of darkness in which 14 states were plunged.

Nearly 12 million Americans live in this band in the country, while two-thirds of the nation’s population live in a car day, said Martin Knopp Transportation Department.

The USA. Will be the only country to experience the eclipse, and international visitors are expected to descend for the event.

NASA spacecraft, more than 50 high-altitude balloons and astronauts aboard the International Space Station will capture images.

“Never before will a celestial event be seen by so many people and explore from many points of view, space, air and soil,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate director of NASA’s NASA Science Mission in Washington.

A total eclipse did not cover the regions of the United States contiguous since 1979. There will be another in 2024, which will cover the country, from Texas to Maine.
NASA will broadcast a live video of the cosmic event, and showcasing the parts should be organized in parks, libraries and stadiums across the country.

The continental United States outside the total eclipse band will be subjected to a partial solar eclipse, according to Rick Fienberg, a spokesman for the American Astronomical Society.

NASA has strongly warned against looking directly at the naked eye in the sun outside the total eclipse window.

The only method to safely observe a partial exploded view with Eclipse sunglasses or portable solar viewers, said the United States space agency – ordinary sunglasses are not enough.

And according to Fienberg even a partial eclipse of 99 percent is not as provocative as the case of the total eclipse.

“This is literally the difference between night and day,” he said.
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